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Products & Ordering

Q: Can I make specific requests about the products I order?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to take special requests for products at this time.  This includes the weight, portion piece, or preparation of the product.  Please keep this in mind before placing an order, as any product issue concerning weight, portion piece, or preparation will be be dealt with at our own discretion.

Q: Can I make specific requests about the delivery date?

A: Unfortunately, shipping arrival requests cannot be filled at this time. Arrival date is listed on the checkout page, and will be adhered to with the exception of last minute product unavailability

Q: How much sushi should I order?

A: A general guideline is that one pound of sushi grade fish will feed 2-3 people.  When deciding how much sushi fish to purchase, please keep in mind whether the order will be used for sushi, sashimi, or rolls, as rice is very filling.

Q: I want to buy large quantities of sushi grade fish.  Do you offer wholesale discounts?

A: Yes, if you plan on ordering more than $600 worth of product, please call us at (424)253-4688 and we will be happy to discuss options for your purchase.

Q: How long does sushi grade fish last in the freezer?

A: Frozen sushi grade fish will last in the freezer for up to one month for optimal quality. While we have had reports of customers keeping our products in their freezer for longer, we can't guarantee that the product will still be good.

Q: How do you defrost sushi products?

A: For optimal quality, we recommend defrosting our products in the refrigerator for 24 hours.  If the product is need immediately, they can be placed in an ice water bath for 3 hours. 

Q: What does sushi grade or sashimi grade mean and are your products safe to eat raw?

A: Sushi grade and sashimi grade are terms that have no official meaning.  That is to say that the FDA has not set any guidelines as to what "sushi grade" or "sashimi grade" seafood means.  The industry uses the terms to denote seafood that is of the highest quality and freshness, and has been properly taken care of when caught (placed on ice immediately and bled properly) so that it is safe to consume raw.  Our seafood is then frozen on the boat and is ensured to be safe for raw consumption. PLEASE NOT: Raw seafood is not recommended to be consumed by pregnant woman or those with compromised immune systems:

Q: How long will your products last once defrosted?

A: We recommend that our products be used within two days of defrosting, if properly stored in the refrigerator.   

Q: Is fresh sushi better than frozen? Why do you only offer frozen sushi/sashimi products?

A: Generally, fresh sushi fish denotes a product that has been previously frozen and defrosted.  If you are at a sushi restaurant and the product is being sold as "fresh", there is a good chance that this is not the case.  Some sushi stores will sell previously frozen sushi products, but this only serves to reduce the shelf life of the product, something that we try to prevent.

Additionally, if we will never sell completely fresh (never-frozen) sushi products as this poses a huge health risk.  Please, don't risk eating never-frozen products, as these products are not up to FDA standards, which require products be frozen at -20C for 7 days before they be eaten raw. 

Order Status

Q: Has my order shipped? What is the status of my order?

A: Click the "My Account" link in the header to check your order status.

Q: How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?

A: Because we try to ship out your order as soon as possible, it is very hard to catch an order before it goes to the floor.  While we can't guarantee that we can make changes to your order once your order is placed, we will try our hardest to accommodate your request.  Should you need to make changes, please call us immediately at (424)253-4688.

Q: How do I track my order once it is shipped?

A: Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with the FedEx tracking number. Please make sure that your email address is correct and that you have added to your approved email list.

Q: My order never arrived and it has been more than two business days, what do I do?

A: Please contact customer service for assistance at (424)253-4688 and we will gladly help you.

Q: I am missing an item from my shipment, what do I do?

A: Please contact customer service for assistance at (424)352-4688 and we will gladly help you.

Shipping and Returns

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: When you order from Sushi Nut, your satisfaction is always unconditionally guaranteed... so you can order with complete confidence. If at any time you have problems with an order, simply contact Customer Service at (424)253-4688.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

A: Please see the "Shipping Information" page for more information about our shipping options, rates, and policies.

Buyer's Guide

Q: How do I buy a gift certificate?

A: To purchase a gift certificate for someone, visit our gift certificate page. If you are the recipient of a gift certificate and would like to redeem your gift certificate, please enter your gift certificate number in the "Use Gift Voucher" section on the checkout page.

Q: How do I use a coupon code?

A: To use a coupon code, enter the code in the "Apply Discount Code" section on the checkout page.