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Ikura - Alaskan Salmon Caviar

Ikura - Alaskan Salmon Caviar
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Bright red salmon roe is enjoyed as caviar or used to adorn sushi fish and rolls. To prepare Ikura, salmon eggs are cured with soy sauce and sake, a mixture that improves flavor and texture of the roe. Experiment with this versatile Japanese delicacy, and use as an appetizer, garnish, or extravagant snack.


Russia introduced the world to the custom of eating fish roe, where black sturgeon caviar appeared at elite social affairs. Japanese spies brought caviar home to Japan, but lacking native sturgeon, decided that salmon roe worked as a worthy substitute. Salmon roe was named Ikura, derived from the Russian word for sturgeon roe, Ikra.

Today most Ikura is sourced from Alaska, although Atlantic salmon roe is also harvested. Pacific salmon produce a larger, stronger tasting roe than their Atlantic sisters.  

Salmon Roe Preparation and Nutrition

Ikura should appear red, translucent and tight as a full balloon when fresh. Although the salty cure preserves this roe, even refrigerated eggs degenerate with age, withering and becoming milky inside. Salmon Roe looks and tastes best within a week of defrosting, but you can spritz with sake to refresh aging Ikura. Enjoy your SushiNut Salmon Roe as a topping on sushi rolls and nigiri, as a snack with shoyu rice crackers, or in your customized recipes. It’s also glorious on its own! One ounce of Ikura has 19 calories, about 1 gram of fat and 3 grams of protein.

SushiNut Tip: Large packages of Ikura are flash frozen en mass. If you like to have Ikura on hand but consume small amounts at a time, order several small packages to avoid defrosting the entire order, or damaging the roe by chipping small pieces off the frozen product. This practice averts defrosting more Ikura than can be consumed in a short time.

SushiNut Ikura

SushiNut Salmon Roe is flash frozen to ensure freshness. When ordering larger amounts, we recommend buying several small packages to avoid unnecessary spoilage. As with all frozen sushi grade fish, enjoy your Ikura within 30 days of receipt.