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Masago Orange - (Smelt Roe)

Masago Orange - (Smelt Roe)
Masago Orange - (Smelt Roe)
Product Code: Capelin Roe - (Masago)
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SushiNut recommends Masago, roe from the capelin fish, as an introduction to the many varieties of fish spawn available in Japanese cuisine. Less salty and crunchy than Ikura or Tobikko, Masago has a crisp, flavorful, firm texture. It’s also less expensive than other roes. Enjoy as a nigiri piece, or as a colorful garnish for your sushi rolls and chirashi bowl. SushiNut choices of Masago include black, red and orange roe.


Masago is roe harvested from the small capelin fish, found in the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Capelin is an important forage fish, vital to oceanic food cycles. Related to salmon but more similar to smelt, Capelin are native to Iceland, where the majority are sustainably captured. These 8-inch long fish spend most of their lives in the arctic, but spawn en mass annually in fresh water rivers, much like salmon. Roe is removed from the female fish upon capture, cleaned and iced. All harvest is shipped to Japan where the roe is expertly prepared for consumption and export. One 2-ounce female can produce as many as 50,000 eggs! According to, Masago is the most sustainable choice of roe in Japanese cuisine.

Capelin Roe Nature and Nutrition

One millimeter in diameter, Capelin eggs are the smallest of edible fish roe. “Masa” means “sand” in Japanese, indicating the eggs resemble grains of sand. Masago is naturally a pale orange color when harvested. Black, red and orange dyes are used to add interest and color.  The sticky consistency of Masago lends just the right touch to gunkan nigiri style, and spices up presentations of tempura and sushi rolls. One ounce of Capelin roe yields 40 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, and 3 grams of protein.  A flavorful indulgence, Masago adds nutritional value as well as subtle flavor and striking color to your homemade sushi.

SushiNut Masago

Use our moderately priced Masago to brighten your homemade sushi and sashimi presentations while adding a flavorful crunch. SushiNut offers black, red, and orange Capelin Roe. For best results, use your frozen Masago within 30 days.

Allergen alert: Contains corn, wheat, MSG