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Tobiko Orange - (Flying Fish Roe)

Tobiko Orange - (Flying Fish Roe)
Tobiko Orange - (Flying Fish Roe) Tobiko Orange - (Flying Fish Roe)
Product Code: Flying Fish Roe - (Tobiko)
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Tobiko, sourced from Flying Fish, is the most elegant of sushi fish roe.  Garnish your sushi rolls with this crunchy bright orange roe, and also try as a nigiri item. Slather Tobiko on top of your homemade California and other sushi rolls to add texture, flavor and color.

Flying Fish Roe

Flying fish, or Tobiuo as the Japanese call it, is a miraculous fish that can sail in mid-air over water for the distance of a football field or farther. Tobiko, the roe produced by flying fish, derives from “tobi”, Japanese for “airborne.” While Flying Fish are seldom harvested for their meat, the roe is a highly regarded Japanese delicacy.

Females are gathered and carefully stripped of their eggs to harvest this briny, exquisite roe. Flying Fish are found in most tropical and temperate ocean waters across the world, and comprise over 50 species. The reproduction rate for these fish is high, and the season for Tobiko never ending. It is common for harvesters to ship roe to Japan or Taiwan for expert preparation, which includes salting, curing, and dyeing. 

The roe is naturally orange to bright red, and should appear sheen and plump. Beware of shriveled Tobiko, as this is a sign of age. Flying Fish Roe is often dyed to enrich the visual appeal of a dish. You may also see Wasabi Tobiko, a bright green colored roe with a spicy kick. 

Fun Fact: Seasoned sushi aficionados enjoy fresh quail eggs cracked atop gunkan nigiri style Tobiko or Wasabi Tobiko. Caution - this taste and texture is an acquired one!

Tobiko Nutrition Facts

Tobiko is a delicacy, and should be enjoyed as such. Try this accent to compliment your sushi dinner, but be aware that this roe is fairly high in sodium.  A piece of nigiri, or about 1 tablespoon of Tobiko contains 20 calories, 1 gram of fat and 3 grams of protein.

SushiNut Tobiko

Add a splash of color and texture to your homemade sashimi and sushi with SushiNut’s bright orange Tobiko. Be sure to enjoy your Flying Fish Roe within 30 days for best quality.

Allergen Alert: contains corn, wheat, MSG