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Equipment: Sushi equipment is the backbone of your sushi experience.

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Japanese Ceramic Sake Set Impress your friends at your next sushi party and serve the sake ..
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Sushi Knife - Deba Bocho
Type - Deba Bocho (Deba) Material - 100% Stainless Steel Purpose - Deba knives are Japa..
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Sushi Knife - Itaro
Material - 100% Stainless Steel Purpose - This is a thin, one sided, right handed blade mad..
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Rolling Mat - (Makisu)
The rolling mat is a quintessential item for the sushi chef and home-based newbie alike. Each m..
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Nigiri Rice Mold
This clever tool will make life simple in your sushi kitchen. Enjoy the help it affords when cr..
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Rice Paddle - (Shamoji)
Another ingenious and indispensible Asian tool, our authentic Japanese Shamoji facilitates cook..
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Sushique Sushi Plate
We sell two different styles of Sushique™ Sushi Plates. The darker plate is made from Sapele ..
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About Equipment

If you thought it was impossible to turn sushi ingredients into a complete sushi meal because you didn’t know the correct techniques or have the correct equipment, SushiNut has you covered.  From the comprehensive sushi kit, containing soy sauce, toasted seaweed sheets, and a bamboo rolling mat, to sushi knives for the beginner and experienced chef, we try to take the guess work out of your sushi experience.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any chef’s arsenal is the sushi knife (yanagi knife).  This knife needs to be extremely sharp and correctly shaped to slice through fish with ease. The next piece of equipment that no sushi chef will go without is the bamboo mat (sushimaki sudare).  You will need your bamboo mat to make your sushi rolls (maki). They guarantee a uniform thickness and consistency across the entire roll. Without this proper equipment, you will have a much harder time making sushi at home.