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Nigiri Rice Mold

Nigiri Rice Mold
Product Code: Nigiri Sushi Mold
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This clever tool will make life simple in your sushi kitchen. Enjoy the help it affords when creating uniform, compact balls of rice to place under your sushi neta. You’ll be sipping sake, designing and tasting your creations, not stressing over excessive amounts of molding and shaping.

Using nigiri sushi molds

As you may know, there are many nigiri sushi molds on the market.  Ensure a high quality nigiri and mold longevity when you purchase from  Our mold is so easy to use, the nigiri nearly makes itself! Simply fill with rice, and slowly but firmly place the top cavity on. The sticky rice grains will adhere to one another and hold the shape of the mold. Each template yields 5 perfectly formed balls of rice.

Nigiri serving suggestions

You can top the nigiri rice with one of Sushinut’s fine fish choices such as Aji, Tai, Yellowtail, Albacore, or Hamachi. Try the sushi chefs’ habit of laying a thin layer of wasabi between rice and fish. If you are having trouble getting the fish to stick to your rice, use a thin strap of seaweed and secure the fish to the nigiri ball, just like a seat belt. 

Eat like a native: Japanese eat nigiri sushi with their fingers. In a sushi bar in Japan it is appropriate for your sushi chef to pass the piece straight from his hands to yours. Finger food!

Order a nigiri mold from sushi nut, and appreciate the convenience as you admire the visual delight, and umamae quality of your next sushi meal.