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Rice Paddle - (Shamoji)

Rice Paddle - (Shamoji)
Product Code: Japanese Rice Paddle
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Another ingenious and indispensible Asian tool, our authentic Japanese Shamoji facilitates cooking, mixing and serving sushi rice. This flat paddle is made of durable plastic with textured spoon surface, which makes preparing sushi rice a breeze. Added bonus: Our rice paddle won’t scratch your wooden bowls and non-stick cooking surfaces!

Rice Paddle

Just when you think you have everything you need to make sushi, a brilliant, time saving device becomes available. You can thank Japanese monk Itsukushima for this handy tool. A Shamoji is well worth the price in reducing prep time and increasing efficiency in your sushi kitchen.

Create the perfect sushi rice when you whisk rice together with sugar, salt, water, and rice vinegar using your Sushinut Shamoji. You can also use your paddle to crush garlic and other vegetables.

The Shamoji holds special significance in Japan, as it is passed from mother to married daughter or daughter-in-law, symbolizing the transference of duties from generation to generation.

Sushinut tip: Prevent rice from sticking to your rice paddle by frequently dipping your Shamoji in water to keep the surface slick.