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Rolling Mat - (Makisu)

Rolling Mat - (Makisu)
Product Code: Sushi Rolling Mat
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The rolling mat is a quintessential item for the sushi chef and home-based newbie alike. Each mat is carefully crafted of slender bamboo reeds, lashed together in a fashion that resembles a place mat. This design keeps the sushi roll ingredients under tight control, helping create a compact roll.

Sushi Mat

As sushi has gained popularity in the U.S., it is increasingly simple to find a rolling mat, yet the quality could be questionable.  When seeking a mat, look for one that has rounded corners on one side and square corners on the other. This will make using the mat much more natural for the required motion of rolling sushi.

The purpose of the rolling mat is to apply even pressure to the entire roll.  Rolling sushi without one can be accomplished, but is best left to the experts. 
Even accomplished sushi chefs use a rolling mat! A trick of the trade is to line your sushi mat with saran wrap when rolling inside out rolls (fish on the outside).  This method speeds the cleaning process and makes rolling your sushi much easier!

Order your very own rolling mat from Sushinut to ensure a high quality tool and good experience in your sushi kitchen. Refer to the website for tips and tricks on making sushi at home.