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Sushi Knife - Deba Bocho

Sushi Knife - Deba Bocho
Sushi Knife - Deba Bocho
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Type - Deba Bocho (Deba)

Material - 100% Stainless Steel

Purpose - Deba knives are Japanese knives used as a general purpose kitchen knife.  They have a thicker blade and are great for cutting fish, meats, and other heavy duty cutting applicatoins. Deba knives are used to "pull" rather than push-cut.  The thinness and hardness of the blade helps to create a very clean cut. When using a Deba, remember to pull the blade into raw fish, rather than push.  This will ensure that the integrity of the fish muscle remain uncompromised.

Traditional Japanese Knives (Hocho) are sharpened with a bevel on only one side. The opposite side is slightly hollowed, which allows them to be honed to a very sharp edge; each blade is individually tempered to Rockwell hardness c62°! However, this single bevel makes the edge more fragile, so they must be handled with care. 

The handle is made from Magnolia Wood, known for its water resistant qualities