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Sauces: Enhance your sushi meal with our great selection of sushi sauces.

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Tonkatsu Sauce 10.1 OZ
Tonkatsu Sauce A condiment dipping sauce for Tonkatsu,  Japanese deep fried pork cutle..
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About Chili Oil aka Layu 1.11-ounce High quality ingredient for..
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Soy Sauce
Season your homemade sushi with our naturally brewed Japanese soy sauce or shoyu as it’s known ..
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Rice Vinegar
Fermented rice is the source of authentic Japanese rice vinegar, also known as “su” or kome..
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Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing
Enjoy the pungent, sweet flavors of this dressing which combines wasabi, mustard and yuzu, a so..
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Eel Sauce - (Unagi Sauce)
Savory Eel Sauce has hints of hickory smoke laced with sweet undertones. Unagi Sauce is intende..
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About Sauces

Enhance any sushi meal from SushiNut with flavorful sauces and sides.  Sushi grade fish isn’t complete without great soy sauce, calamari salad, and seaweed salad.  Or, if you are fond of sashimi, try our wasabi and yuzu dressing that goes wonderfully with our sushi grade salmon and maguro.  All of our sauces and sides are of the highest quality and really make the meal.  After all, what sushi meal is complete without a side of edamame?

Currently, in our sauces and sides category, we sell seaweed salad, calamari salad, wasabi and yuzu dressing, eel sauce, edamame, soy sauce, and ginger.  Need to reach $99 worth of sushi products to qualify for free shipping? Why not add some sauces and sides to your order to make it complete. SushiNut provides everything you need to make a complete sushi meal!