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Eel Sauce - (Unagi Sauce)

Eel Sauce - (Unagi Sauce)
Eel Sauce - (Unagi Sauce)
Product Code: Eel Sauce - Unagi Kabayaki
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Savory Eel Sauce has hints of hickory smoke laced with sweet undertones. Unagi Sauce is intended to baste eel when roasting or barbecuing, but don’t let that stop you from using it with fish, seafood and chicken. Also try broiling the basted eel or other meat to caramelize sugars in the sauce. Be sure and order Unagi Kabayaki Sauce when you order Unagi (eel) and your favorite sushi fish.

About Unagi Kabayaki Sauce

Eel sushi chefs take great pride in designing a unique sauce for eel (Unagi). Just as in constructing the perfect bouillabaisse, this quintessential sauce requires fish heads and extracts, eel head, bones and discarded parts from the labor intensive preparation, and the sushi chef’s own exclusive ingredients. It is customary to grill the head and bones of the eel until charcoal black before adding to this mixture. The concoction is then simmered for hours and strained, giving a unique flavor to each batch.

Eel sauce has a luscious viscosity, and thoroughly coats meats and rice instead of draining to the base of the dish. Chefs baste eel with Unagi Kabayaki Sauce before and after grilling, giving a beautiful shine to the fish while preserving the texture and flavor.

Serving Suggestions for Eel Sauce

When seasoning donburi, (rice bowls topped with fresh fish) Unagi Sauce sticks to the meat and rice instead of pooling at the bottom of your bowl. SushiNut insists on high quality products, so you can count on a delicious meal down to the last bite.  

Another serving suggestion is topping your sushi rolls with Eel Sauce. A popular item in sushi bars is the crunch roll, composed of a variety of fish coated with tempura flakes, and drizzled generously with Eel Sauce. Also try coating Salmon fillets with Eel Sauce just before removing from the grill.         

Our special mixture uses soy sauce, mirin, and eel extracts for the richest flavor. We recommend warming Eel Sauce so it thins before use. To prevent burning, place Unagi Sauce in a glass container and heat in a shallow pan of boiling water. One tablespoon of eel sauce contains 50 calories, 1 gram of protein and no fat.

SushiNut Eel Sauce

Our product is made in Japan. Stock up when ordering your sushi supplies so you have plenty of this delicious, versatile sauce on hand.  

Allergen alert: contains corn, wheat, MSG