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Rice Vinegar

Rice Vinegar
Rice Vinegar
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Fermented rice is the source of authentic Japanese rice vinegar, also known as “su” or komezu. Compared to western vinegars, Rice Vinegar is mild and contains less acetic acid, the pungent factor in vinegars. This essential sushi ingredient is used to season rice and make tangy sauces, salad dressings, and marinades. No sushi kitchen should be without it!

History of Rice Vinegar

In the early days of sushi, sake or rice wine was used to keep fish from spoiling. RIce Vinegar became an integral part of making sushi in 16th century Japan to speed up the lengthy fish fermentation process. Today the old sushi recipe using dry rice and sake has been updated with cooked rice and fresh rice vinegar. Japanese vinegars are considered healthy due to high amino acid content. Japanese believe in balancing  tastes in their cuisine to maintain health: sweet, sour, salty, hot, bitter and umamae (savory). Rice Vinegar provides the sour flavor.

Rice Vinegar and Sushi

When making sushi, don’t settle for anything other than the pure rice vinegar available  from SushiNut. Our product contains only rice and water, and has been properly fermented. Artificially flavored vinegars won’t do justice to your homemade sushi. Their essence is inferior due to sharper flavor, added chemicals, and lack of micro organisms for optimal fermentation. After investing in high quality sushi fish, insist on genuine Rice Vinegar. One tablespoon of Rice Vinegar contains no calories, carbohydrates, fat or protein.

SushiNut Rice Vinegar

Our Rice Vinegar product is pale yellow to colorless, a product of Japan. Guard against running out and order 2!