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Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing

Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing
Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing
Product Code: Japanese Dressing - Wasabi & Yuzu
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Enjoy the pungent, sweet flavors of this dressing which combines wasabi, mustard and yuzu, a sour citrus fruit grown in Japan. Experiment with this versatile sauce and add to a variety of foods from fish to red meat to fowl to salads.

Wasabi and Yuzu

Our Japanese dressing has exquisite balance and brings a refreshing fusion of flavors to the sushi table: hot, sweet, salty and sour. Appreciate the familiar taste of soy sauce while exploring mixed flavors of mustard, yuzu citron, wasabi, and rice vinegar. Wasabi, a Japanese root with mustard-like properties, gives this dressing a fiery kick. Combined with tart yuzu fruit juice and its grated rind, the flavor of this condiment is unmatched.

Serving Suggestions

Try using Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing as a marinade before cooking fish and meats; as a sauce for your rice bowl; as a dip for edamame and other vegetables; or as a dressing on Asian salads. Common uses for this dressing in Japan are as dipping sauce for tempura and as a condiment drizzled over tataki, a lightly seared sashimi. Don’t hesitate to experiment and send us your success stories! If you enjoy the taste of wasabi and like a sweet/sour flavor, you can’t go wrong with this winning product.

SushiNut Wasabi and Yuzu Dressing

Our product is made in Japan. Be sure to order this authentic dressing with your sushi supplies. 

Allergen alert: contains wheat, corn, MSG