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Monkfish Liver - (Ankimo)

Monkfish Liver - (Ankimo)
Monkfish Liver - (Ankimo)
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Our Monkfish Liver (Ankimo)

• Known as “Black Truffle of Sushi Cuisine” or “Fois Gras of the Sea”
• Low-fat, low cholesterol, and high protein
• Pre-cooked, sealed, and flash-frozen for convenience

Monkfish liver is often considered the ‘black truffle’ of gourmet sushi cuisine or ‘foie gras of the sea’. With a lobster-like flavor and a texture of pate, Ankimo can warm up your sushi feast as an appetizer, starring entree, or an exciting twist to miso soup. This highly regarded Japanese delicacy is not to be missed!

Looking for a low-fat, low cholesterol, high protein food? Ankimo fits the bill. Sushi newbies will appreciate that this delicacy (‘chinmi’ in Japan) is steamed, not raw. Try this smashing culinary delight with smoked duck breast and dark chocolate on a croistini. Your taste buds will be blown away!

Monkfish Habitat

Monkfish, or ‘ankon’ in Japanese, is wild caught in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean, from to 3 to 200 miles off shore. Within 4 years, monkfish reaches maturity at over 3 feet long. Also known as “allmouth,” its large mouth enables preying on fish near its own size. The coveted monkfish liver is a third as long as the fish, weighing about one pound.

Monkfish’s fearsome appearance resembles a legendary sea monster in miniature. Years ago, fishers of cod and scallop discarded it as inedible. Liver and tail of monkfish now command a high price, rivaling lobster. Upon harvesting, the liver is rubbed with salt, rinsed with sake, and cooked with steam.

Ankimo Sushi: Serving Suggestions

SushiNut recommends slicing Ankimo into rounds and serving with chili daikon root, shaved scallion and citrus flavored soy sauce. Imitate Sushi Chef Jason Kim’s specialty dish: layer the battered, deep fried liver with finely chopped Hamachi and Maguro. Serve with rice vinegar, citrus soy sauce, and a garnish of sautéed shiso leaves for a truly magical experience.

SushiNut Ankimo

SushiNut’s Monkfish Liver is precooked, sealed and flash-frozen for convenience. For a simple appetizer, thaw and slice your Ankimo into rounds and garnish.