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Egg Omelette - (Tamagoyaki)

Egg Omelette - (Tamagoyaki)
Egg Omelette - (Tamagoyaki) Egg Omelette - (Tamagoyaki)
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Tamagoyaki is nothing like mom’s omelet. Genuinely Japanese, this semi-sweet dish is customarily served at the end of your sushi meal as dessert.  An added bonus: tamagoyaki suppresses the appetite. Crown your homemade sushi feast with this traditional indulgence. The sunny yellow color will brighten your sushi platter!

Tamagoyaki Sushi

Once used to test a sushi chef’s creativity and skill, the traditional Japanese Omelet combines fish extracts, concentrated rice wine and seasonings with whipped eggs. The concoction is then baked in a square skillet over low heat for an hour. During this process, the omelet is folded several times using large chopsticks to remove as much moisture as possible, until a spongey, soufflé like essence is achieved.

Serious aficionados still judge a sushi chef by their version of Tamagoyaki, and will often order this sushi item first in an unfamiliar sushi-ya to determine if the chef is worth their time and money.

Egg Omelet Serving Suggestions and Nutrition

Have fun with this sushi ingredient, cutting at varied angles and in different shapes to add interest. Try Tamagoyaki for breakfast as the Japanese do. To make nigiri, secure a rectangle cut from the omelet to seasoned rice with a strip of toasted seaweed Nori. For chirashi, thinly slice tamagoyaki and scatter with other sushi ingredients on top of the seasoned rice. Tamagoyaki sashimi contains 45 calories, 2 grams fat, and 2 grams protein per ounce. 

SushiNut Tamagoyaki

Our Japanese omelet is made in Japan, and packaged in blocks of tamagoyaki. This sashimi and sushi ingredient has a short shelf life once thawed, so plan accordingly. For best flavor, prepare your Japanese omelet within 30 days of receiving your shipment.

Allergen alert: contains wheat and corn starches