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Supplies: Grab some sushi supplies to round out your sushi meal.

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Sushi Making Kit + Instructions
Our Sushi Making Kit Unlike other sushi making kits on the market, our kit contains only th..
$39.99 $35.99
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100% Real Wasabi
Our 100% Real Wasabi • Made from Real Wasabi Root Farmed in Oregon • Packaged in Conv..
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Toasted Seaweed Sheets - (Nori)
Our Toasted Seaweed Sheets – (Nori) • 10 Sheets Per Package • High in Protein, Fib..
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Soy Wrappers
Liven up your homemade sushi with these colorful wrappers made from natural ingredients and non..
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Ginger - (Gari)
Artfully served with sushi to cleanse the pallet, gari is the pickled, thinly sliced buff-color..
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Pre-made Sushi Rice
Instead of spending your time and patience cooking your own sushi rice for dinner, you can orde..
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Nishiki Sushi Rice
We sell premium grade sushi rice, the most important component of any sushi meal.  Nishiki..
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Nishiki Brown Rice
Nishiki Brown Rice is also a medium grain rice, every pack weighs 2 pound.   It is a wonde..
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About Supplies

SushiNut carries all the sushi ingredients that you need to make sushi at home.  After you have chosen some or all of our wonderful sushi fish, like our salmon sushi or unagi, you will need excellent ingredients to make the whole sushi meal come together.  Please don’t skimp on the lesser quality sushi ingredients from other sites.  We guarantee that our products are top notch and back all our products we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Why look elsewhere when you can purchase tamagoyaki, sushi rice, monkfish liver (ankimo), imitation crab meat (kani kama), real wasabi, toasted seaweed sheets (yaki nori), and rice vinegar at a one-stop sushi store.  Order over $99 worth of sushi products and we will ship you the order for free! Give SushiNut a try and make sushi at home tonight!