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Ginger - (Gari)

Ginger - (Gari)
Ginger - (Gari)
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Artfully served with sushi to cleanse the pallet, gari is the pickled, thinly sliced buff-colored garnish you find on your plate in many sushi-ya presentations. Slightly hot and spicy, gari is a fresh, pungent respite for the pallet when sampling various sushi fish. Keep this indispensable condiment on hand for your homemade sushi nights.


Ginger is a sweet scented perennial plant native to Asia where the gnarled rhizome has been used in culinary as well as medicinal applications for over 4,000 years. A simple pickling process transforms the short shelf life of fresh ginger into gari, preserving if for use in sushi presentations. Ginger has long been appreciated in Asia for its antiviral properties as well as its ability to quiet an upset stomach.

Be creative with your sushi arrangements, and try different techniques in assembling the gari tower. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts at making sushi don’t look like those you’ve ordered in a sushi-ya; it takes practice! Strive for a simple, pleasing combination of color, flavor, and texture, Gari lends a pale yellow to light pink touch on a sushi plate, and has a powerful, cleansing taste. There are 9 calories in 13 grams of gari, with negligible protein value and no fat.

SushiNut Ginger

Stock your pantry with this sushi staple and you will always be ready to garnish your homemade sushi with pallet-cleansing gari.  Allow about a third of an ounce (10 grams) of SushiNut Pickled Ginger per sushi presentation.