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Nishiki Brown Rice

Nishiki Brown Rice
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Nishiki Brown Rice is also a medium grain rice, every pack weighs 2 pound.   It is a wonderful medium grain brown rice for a very nice substitude of the regular white rice. Nishiki rice is a popular form of Japanese rice that is often called medium-grained rice.  Our Nishiki rice, which is grown in California.

We also sell premium grade sushi rice, the most important component of any sushi meal.  Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice is the most well known sushi rice in the United States. We recommend Nishiki rice to accompany any salmon sushi, tuna sushi, or sushi grade fish.

Compared to normal rice, Nishiki is a medium grain rice that becomes sticky when cooked.  This allows the rice to be picked up by chopsticks with ease and makes the rice ideal for maki, temaki, inarizushi, and any stir-fry dishes.   Regular long grain rice takes two cups of water for every one cup of rice. Our Premium Nishiki Brown Rice takes approximately two cups of water for 1.5 cups of rice.