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Toasted Seaweed Sheets - (Nori)

Toasted Seaweed Sheets - (Nori)
Toasted Seaweed Sheets - (Nori) Toasted Seaweed Sheets - (Nori)
Product Code: Seaweed Sheets - (Nori)
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Our Toasted Seaweed Sheets – (Nori)

• 10 Sheets Per Package
• High in Protein, Fiber, and Trace Minerals

Nori is dried toasted seaweed formed into paper thin sheets. Nori has traditionally been paired with raw fish, like maguro or hamachi, in Japan for good reason. Marine foods contain microbes that produce enzymes which aid seaweed digestion. In addition to sushi wrappers, toasted seaweed sheets can be added to soups and seafood dishes for a salty topping. Use sparingly, as hydrated nori expands to 10 times its dry size!

Our nori is high in protein, trace minerals, and fiber, and is essential in the sushi kitchen. Use nori to wrap sushi fish rolls, eel sushi, add to Japanese soups, and toast for a snack. Try seasoning nori with soy sauce or sesame oil and toasting for a snack.

Ten roasted sheets of seaweed are contained in each package of nori sheets. Order with your sushi fish and use with a sushi making kit to make rolls. Seal tightly to increase shelf life. Superior quality nori has a shiny green color and smooth surface. As nori ages, the green color darkens.

Traditional Harvesting of Toasted Seaweed Sheets

Japanese farmers harvest a fast growing red algae called Porphyra to make nori. Porphyra grows from seed to full height in less than 2 months and is collected every 10 days from mature Porphyra plants to make nori. Using the ancient Japanese tradition of paper making, this seaweed is shredded, processed, and formed into very thin 8 inch square nori sheets. Nori is then processed into toasted seaweed sheets. Over 200 square miles of inland sea are dedicated to growing seaweed for nori in Japan. A billion dollar industry, Japan leads the world in nori cultivation, followed by China and Korea.

Health Facts of Nori

Nori is rarely eaten by itself, so adjust the calorie count accordingly. A rich source of minerals, an 8 inch square sheet of nori has about 13 calories, 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fat.