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100% Real Wasabi

100% Real Wasabi
100% Real Wasabi 100% Real Wasabi
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Our 100% Real Wasabi

• Made from Real Wasabi Root Farmed in Oregon
• Packaged in Convenient Ready-to-Use 1.53oz Tubes
• Lasts 30 Days in the Refrigerator

Our real wasabi comes from wasabi root farmed in Oregon. Wasabi is in the same family as mustard and creates a similar heat, concentrated in the nasal passage. Unlike chilies, this is not an oil-based heat. It dissipates quickly, leaving your mouth ready to enjoy the delicious and delicate flavors of your next roll made with sushi grade fish. Taste the true flavor of fresh real wasabi, and enjoy the way it complements your sushi selections.

Traditionally grown in Japan, places with similar climates such as Oregon and New Zealand now cultivate wasabi. It grows beside streams in mountain valleys and mainly on northern facing slopes. Wasabi is hard to find in the wild, is difficult to harvest, and typically commands 70 to 100 dollars per pound! As a result, wasabi paste in restaurants is often cut with horseradish, or is misrepresented and contains only horseradish, dyed green.

Our real wasabi is a ninety-nine percent pure product, and contains real wasabi root as the first ingredient. Our authentic wasabi paste product is packaged in 1.53 ounce tubes, and will keep for 30 days under refrigeration. Real wasabi is the perfect complement for your albacore tuna or salmon sushi.

Fun Wasabi Facts

In ancient times, the medicinal properties of real wasabi were thought to cure food poising, a possible reason it is paired with raw fish, like yellowtail and ahi tuna, today. Real wasabi is also an anti-inflammatory agent, and is known to help heart patients more than a daily dose of aspirin. If you are lucky enough to have real wasabi grated in front of you at a sushi bar, the traditional chef will use a shark fin grater! A four-gram spoonful of wasabi has 4.4 calories, one carbohydrate and a trace of protein.