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Soy Wrappers

Soy Wrappers
Soy Wrappers
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Liven up your homemade sushi with these colorful wrappers made from natural ingredients and non-GMO* soy. Any sushi party will be a hit when your temaki sushi wears these festive cones. Guest participation adds to the fun. Anything goes, so let your imagination be your guide! Yamamotoyama recommends making sushi, sandwich wraps, appetizers and desserts with your soy wrappers.

Sushi Party!

Make your own rainbow sushi platter with Yamamotoyama soy wrappers. Colors include turmeric yellow, spinach green, paprika orange, original and sesame. To create temaki sushi, start with a tablespoon or two of rice placed in the middle of your soy wrapper. Season with a bit of wasabi or prepared powdered horseradish and add just a few fillings. Choose from thinly sliced Sushinut fish or tamagoyaki, and fresh vegetable sticks. Fold the square wrapper into a triangle, and roll the outer points in to make a cone. Garnish with sesame seeds and green herbs, arrange on a sushi platter and sit back to admire your handiwork! Each wrapper contains 15 calories, (20 for sesame) 2 grams of protein and half a gram of fat.

Our product

Japanese-owned Yamamotoyama makes our preservative-free soy wrappers in Los Angeles. Shelf life is __ days unopened, and __ days after breaking the seal. There are 5 sheets per package, so make sure you order enough for your needs.

* GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, so non-GMO means the soy beans are from unaltered seeds.