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Sushi Making Kit + Instructions

Sushi Making Kit + Instructions
Product Code: Sushi Kit
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Our Sushi Making Kit

Unlike other sushi making kits on the market, our kit contains only the highest quality ingredients and tools needed to create sushi at home. Other sushi kits have low quality ingredients that a traditional Itamae (sushi chef) would never use. All you provide are the fresh ingredients and sushi for filling! You can use sushi grade salmon, ahi tuna, soft shelled crab, or any sushi grade fish! All of the items in our Sushi Making Kit have been selected for their superior quality to assure you the perfect introduction to the world of sushi making. Our sushi kit contains:

Soy Sauce - ($4.99 value)
Sushi Ginger (Gari) – ($4.99 value)
• Powdered Horseradish (Imitation Wasabi)– ($3.99 value)
Japanese Rice Paddle (Shamoji) – ($4.99 value)
Nigiri Rice Mold – ($3.99 value)
Sushi Rolling Mat (Makisu) – ($2.99 value)
Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice – ($4.99 value)
Toasted Seaweed Sheets (Yaki Nori) – ($3.99 value)
Instructions – How to Make Sushi at Home – A Guide for the Rest Of Us - a ($4.25 value) - sent by email

This bundle would cost more than $39 if purchased separately!

Why Make Sushi at Home?

Sushi balances a variety of tastes, from bitter to sweet to spicy, in a beautiful presentation that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the palate. Better yet, sushi is a filling and highly satisfying meal that is low in fat and calories and highlights fresh, high-quality ingredients including vegetables, fish, and lean meats. Our Sushi Making Kit takes the intimidation out of creating homemade sushi by combining the same top-quality ingredients used in restaurant with the tools and instruction you need to create a sushi masterpiece.