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Jack Mackerel - (Aji)

Jack Mackerel  -  (Aji)
Jack Mackerel  -  (Aji)
Product Code: Japanese Jack Mackerel - Aji
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Our Jack Mackerel (Aji)

• Sustainably caught in U.S. waters
• Firm texture, combining textures of ahi tuna and mackerel
• Rare Japanese Delicacy

Sink your teeth into our succulent Aji sushi and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. This is a harder-to-find delicacy, combining qualities of ahi tuna and mackerel for a firm, savory treat. The flavor of Aji is oily and salty, similar to mackerel; however, the texture is much more firm, akin to tuna. It is just right served with a dash of ponzu sauce and a dollop of chili infused daikon root. We recommend serving Aji sushi raw or lightly seared

Jack Mackerel Sustainability and Harvesting

Aji is found all over the world. It is a prominent commercial and game fish, yet is sustainable due to the large population. Not a true mackerel, Aji is more closely related to pompano or jack fish. The size of Aji captured for sushi is usually 6 inches. Recommended methods of harvesting are ecologically conscious: rod and reel or gill net capture. Sushi Grade Jack Mackerel is a Japanese delicacy. Today when you order Aji, your sushi chef will look at you knowingly, and commend your knowledgeable sushi appetite. Our product is sustainably caught in U.S. waters.

Aji Serving suggestions

One piece of Aji nigiri contains 52 calories, 2.5 grams protein and 1 gram of fat. A recommended recipe in Japanese culture is Aji shio-yaki. Simply rub the fish with salt 30 minutes before you grill or sauté, and garnish lightly with lemon and shaved daikon. Compliment with fresh seasonal vegetables, sushi grade salmon, unagi, and dinner is served!