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Salmon - (Sake)

Salmon  - (Sake)
Salmon  - (Sake) Salmon  - (Sake)
Product Code: Scottish Salmon
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Our Sushi Grade Salmon

• High in Omega-3
• Sustainable Salmon, Responsibly farmed in Scotland
• Superior Quality – Premium Sushi Grade

Our sake salmon is expertly selected for its sweet and succulent flavor, making it perfect for salmon sushi or sashimi. We ensure the highest quality by flash-freezing immediately upon leaving the water, surpassing all FDA requirements. Salmon has extremely high protein and omega-3 content, making it one healthiest fish we offer. Each order of salmon comes skin-on with the pin-bones removed.

Be sure to use your frozen sushi grade salmon within 30 days for best results.

Sake Salmon

Although not a traditional Japanese sushi grade fish, sushi grade salmon is gaining popularity in sushi restaurants around the country. The meat is rich, oily, and semi-soft in texture. Note the white, fatty bands cutting through your fillet; the bigger this white section, the better the flavor of your salmon.

Our salmon comes to you from the Atlantic waters surrounding Scotland. Here, salmon farming has been sustainably practiced and honed for over 40 years. Farmed salmon and wild caught salmon display a substantial difference in flavor, with farmed salmon having the preferred mouth feel for sushi.  Responsibly farmed salmon makes sense for the environment and your palette.

Desiring sushi that's a little leaner?  Try our Ahi Tuna or sea scallops!

Salmon Sushi and Your Health

Salmon is incredibly popular in sushi bars throughout the United States. High in Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps promote cardiovascular health, salmon sushi is also a good source of vital nutrients. Calorie conscious sushi fans can enjoy sushi grade salmon, as a 100 gram portion of salmon sushi has 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of fat and 180 calories.

We recommend serving your sake sushi with a dash of real wasabi. Often at the sushi bar, salmon nigiri and sashimi is garnished with a thin slice of lemon and wasabi. Add a splash of soy sauce or create a sushi masterpiece with our sushi kit for a winning combination.



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