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Snapper - (Tai)

Snapper - (Tai)
Snapper - (Tai)
Product Code: Sushi Grade Red Snapper - Tai
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Our Red Snapper (Tai)

• Authentic Red Snapper - Japanese Delicacy
• Mild flavor, firm texture – Perfect for Nigiri

Red snapper, or Tai, is light with a delicious, fresh taste. Similar in firmness to ahi tuna, the white flesh is milder in flavor. Japanese sushi bar patrons frequently enjoy a slice of snapper during their dining experience. Order some today and see why this fish is so well liked!

About Red Snapper

Tai is an important commercial fish, caught in the Gulf of Mexico and near U.S. shores in the southeast Atlantic. Tai or red snapper is also caught in Japan, but is rarely exported, as the country consumes most of their harvest.

The Tai has spiny dorsal fins that set it apart from other species. While there are imitators of this staple fish, the true connoisseur can tell they are eating authentic red snapper by counting 10-13 fins along the spine. Sushi grade snapper fish are harvested between 2 and 5 years old at about 10 pounds and 20 inches in length.

Tai Sushi Nutrition and Preparation

Red Snapper can satisfy the sushi palate and stay fresh longer than other sushi fish. Due to the laterally compressed body shape of the Tai fish, nigiri slices are often thinner than other fish, and the connective tissue must be cut free leaving little meat behind. One nigiri piece contains 41 calories, 3.4 grams of protein and negligible fat. Purchase our sushi kit and seaweed salad with your sushi grade red snapper and enjoy a sushi feast tonight!