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Freshwater Eel - (Unagi)

Freshwater Eel - (Unagi)
Freshwater Eel - (Unagi) Freshwater Eel - (Unagi)
Product Code: Fresh Water Eel - Unagi
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Our Fresh Water Eel (Unagi)

• Barbequed, De-boned, and Marinated for Convenience
• High in Oil and Protein
• Traditional Japanese Delicacy – Known to Increase Vitality and Strength!

Unagi (eel sushi) is a traditional Japanese delicacy with a savory flavor that melts in your mouth. For thousands of years, the Japanese have used the same traditional time consuming methods of preparing fresh water eel. The fish is filleted, deboned, and grilled on an open flame to melt off the layer of fat under the skin. The unagi is then steamed to add volume and the fish oil drained. A sweet basting eel sauce is added to flavor the meat during the second and final grilling.

Fresh water eel is high in oil and protein, giving it a bold, rich taste. Enjoy plain as sashimi, or as eel sushi wrapped with toasted nori sheets. Enjoy unagi as the Japanese do, for its mythical energizing powers and aphrodisiac qualities.

We package our unagi 20 pieces in 5.5oz tray, which makes 20 slices of sashimi eel. Our unagi is sold completely cooked, prepared, and ready to eat for your convenience.

Fresh Water Eel Legend

In Japan, eel is traditionally eaten on the Day of the Ox in mid-summer, to increase one’s vitality and strength for the rest of the year. The Japanese believe that eel sushi increases sex drive in men. Japanese wives are known to fix unagi sushi for their husbands to inspire romance.

Serving Unagi

It is common to see unagi prepared as sashimi, sushi, and in donburi – a traditional rice bowl topped with fish. Also try broiling unagi to caramelize sugars in the grilling sauce, and serve skewered eel (kabayaki) as an appetizer before meal time. We currently sell the popular sauce used to marinate fresh water eel here: eel sauce.  Enjoy your unagi with calamari salad or wakame seaweed salad for a complete sushi dinner!

Sushi Eel Health Benefits

Fresh water eel is high in protein, vitamins, and omega 3 oils. This combination of nutrients is believed to decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve brain health and preserve eyesight. Two slices of sashimi eel contain 90 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat. Try eel and cucumber sushi (unakyu) at the height of summer for increased energy and vitality!