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Yellowtail - (Hamachi)

Yellowtail - (Hamachi)
Yellowtail - (Hamachi) Yellowtail - (Hamachi)
Product Code: Yellowtail - (Hamachi)
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Our Yellowtail Hamachi

•Imported from Japan
•Buttery and Delicate Flavor
•Boneless and Skinless for Convenience

Yellowtail, or hamachi, is a fatty, delicate fish raised specifically for sushi and sashimi in Japan. A relative of tuna, hamachi is known as an “affluent” fish; much like Kobe beef, they are raised in a relaxed, pampered environment promoting a fatty and delicate texture. The benefit of farming is a higher fat content and improved quality of meat.

The yellowtail coming to you from SushiNut is flash-frozen to ensure freshness, and is among the most popular of all our sushi fish. You will find our hamachi yellowtail flavorful, buttery, and fresh. We also ship our hamachi sushi boneless and skinless for your convenience, rendering the entire portion sushi ready and waste-free.

Wild vs. Farmed Yellowtail Sushi

We currently only offer farmed yellowtail sourced from wild stock off the coast of Japan. These fish thrive in warm tropical waters, and are harvested before reaching 20 pounds, the perfect size for sushi. Wild yellowtail, also known as Buri is leaner, less oily, and tougher than hamachi due to migrating hundreds of miles during their lifespan.

Hamachi Sushi is Good for You

Yellowtail has a deceivingly rich flavor. This buttery, white fish is also healthy for you. In one ounce of hamachi yellowtail, (approximately one slice of sashimi) you will find 41 calories, 2 grams of fat and 7g of protein. Buy our sushi kit and pair your yellowtail sushi with our sushi grade salmon, ahi tuna, and soy sauce spiked with lemon juice.