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Sushi Shellfish: Our Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, and other raw items are delicious addition to your sushi meal. Our fish is the same used in the finest sushi restaurants.

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Our Snow Crab Legs (Zuwaigani) • Freshly caught and processed right after harvest to ensu..
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Whelk (Tsubugai) Slices
Our Whelk Slices (Tsubugai) • Lean, crunchy and refreshing meat with sweet flavor from th..
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Jumbo Sea Scallops - (Hotategai)
About Scallops Sushi Sushi grade scallops are incredibly sweet and tender, with a high prot..
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Wild Bay Scallops
About Scallops Sushi Sushi grade scallops are incredibly sweet and tender, with a high prot..
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Squid - (Ika)
Squid, also known as Monga Ika, rivals the scallop in simplicity of preparation and unique, ..
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Imitation Crab - (Kani Kama)
Our Imitation Crab (Kani Kama) • Most commonly used in California Rolls • Lean white..
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Shrimp - (Ebi)
Ebi, or shrimp tail, is very popular among sushi fans. You will see Ebi steamed and served nigi..
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Octopus - (Tako)
Entertain your guests with this exotic sushi mollusk. SushiNut Tako, the tentacle of the octopu..
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Spot Prawn - (Amaebi)
The Spot Prawn, or sweet raw shrimp, is also known as Amaebi sushi. A newer addition to the sus..
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Soft Shelled Crab
About Sushi Crab Our soft shelled crab weighs a generous 3.5 ounces, far larger and more ec..
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Arctic Surf Clam - (Hokkigai)
Our Arctic Surf Clams • Deep harvested 200-300 kilometers offshore in the pristine, pollu..
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About Sushi Shellfish

Many non-Japanese people use the terms “Sushi” and “Sashimi” interchangeably, but they are, in fact, distinct and separate dishes. “Sashimi” refers to the Japanese art of slicing extremely fresh sushi grade fish into thin pieces, and is traditionally served with a dipping sauce, such as soy sauce and wasabi, and condiments, such as ginger. “Sushi” refers to a dish consisting of vinegared rice and other ingredients.  While sushi often times includes vegetables and other ingredients wrapped with nori, we feel that our sushi fish is the most delectable of the sushi ingredients.

Our sushi shellfish category contains shrimp sushi (ebi), sea scallops (hotategai), octopus sushi (tako), soft shelled crab, sweet shrimp (amaebi), and ika sushi (squid). The sushi and sashimi in this category is extremely high quality and suitable for raw consumption. Our sushi seafood is ready to be made into sushi or prepared as sashimi.