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Spot Prawn - (Amaebi)

Spot Prawn - (Amaebi)
Spot Prawn - (Amaebi)
Product Code: Sweet Shrimp - (Amaebi)
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The Spot Prawn, or sweet raw shrimp, is also known as Amaebi sushi. A newer addition to the sushi scene, this delicious shellfish is native to British Columbia. Our sweet raw shrimp is immediately frozen on board Canadian ships when harvested, and ready to ship to your door. Your mission: thaw and enjoy!

Shrimp Sushi

The British Columbians are the largest harvesters of Spot Prawn. Here the temperature is ideal for Amaebi shrimp, the largest of seven species fished for consumption. Canadian watermen supply 90% of the Amaebi demand, including Japan’s, the largest consumer. Fishers of Spot Prawn freeze their catch right on the boat, ensuring product freshness. Good news for shrimp fans: Amaebi are sustainable, and they have a short lifespan, so don’t accumulate toxins like mercury.

Preparation and Nutrition of Amaebi Sushi

Spot Prawn are prepared in any number of ways, but SushiNut recommends eating the meat raw to fully appreciate the sweet flavor. The meat is delicate, so limit cooking time if you grill, broil or add Amaebi to soups. A tradition at any good sushi bar is to fry the heads of the shrimp, with or without tempura batter. This crunchy delicacy is served whole to complement Amaebi nigiri or sashimi. Choose a simple condiment like wasabi or pickled ginger and enjoy the sweet, clean flavor of SushiNut Spot Prawns.

In one ounce of Amaebi meat (approximately one whole sweet shrimp) you will find 25 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 6 grams of protein. This delicacy is eloquent on the tongue, and excellent for the waistline. 

SushiNut Spot Prawn

When you receive our frozen pound of shrimp, all you need to do is thaw for Amaebi sushi. The sweet shrimp will be translucent and firm, with few to no black spots, a quality you can expect every time you order from  For best results, use your Spot Prawns within 30 days.