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Imitation Crab - (Kani Kama)

Imitation Crab - (Kani Kama)
Imitation Crab - (Kani Kama) Imitation Crab - (Kani Kama)
Product Code: Imitation Crab - Kani Kama
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Our Imitation Crab (Kani Kama)

• Most commonly used in California Rolls
• Lean white meat with slight sweet flavor
• Low in fat, high in protein

Imitation Crab Meat, known as Kani Kama, is a staple in authentic Japanese sushi, mainly due to its wide availability and low cost. This is the meat used in the popular American California roll. Simple to make and impressive on a sushi platter, this is a roll worth perfecting. Order some Kani Kama today and hone your sushi making skills!

Crab is not always abundant and available, so the resourceful Japanese use Alaskan Pollock and other white fish to craft these tasty sticks of perfectly shaped meat. It is a lean, white fish with a slightly sweet flavor.

Kani Kama

The Japanese love Kani Kamaboko or Kani Surimi; in Japan both are synonymous with imitation crab. You will often see Kani Kama in sushi restaurants, and the chef will definitely tell you what you are getting. It is rare to see real crab leg sushi, but it has been known to happen. The product SushiNut sells is attractive and delicious, and may even be mistaken for real crab by the untrained eye.

Am I eating Imitation Crab?

Here’s how to tell if you are eating real or imitation crab: if you cannot see striation in the muscle of your crab, then it is not king crab, and instead Kani. The color is also a good indicator. If you are consuming sushi, and you notice a bright red stripe atop the crab, you have Kani Kama, however if you have a light pink tone on top, you are most likely eating Kani, real crab.

Why eat Kani Kama over Real Crab?

Kani Kama is a delicious, less expensive alternative to crab. Since the end of World War II it has been growing in popularity. The taste is mild, and the flavor just right for entertaining a crowd with varying palettes. One ounce of Kani Kama contains only 27 calories, negligible fat and about 2 grams of protein.

SushiNut Imitation Crab Meat

The product you will receive from SushiNut is cooked and flash frozen. All you need to do is thaw and get busy making sushi.  This authentic Japanese brand is of the same quality you see in an upscale sushi-ya. We recommend sushi grade salmon, ahi tuna, and hamachi to round out your sushi meal.