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Jumbo Sea Scallops - (Hotategai)

Jumbo Sea Scallops - (Hotategai)
Product Code: Scallops - (Hotategai)
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About Scallops Sushi

Sushi grade scallops are incredibly sweet and tender, with a high protein content, minimal fat, and environmentally friendly cultivation.  A scallop served sushi style needs little or no accompaniment to become one of your favorite dishes. Scallops are prized for a large, tasty muscle (kaibashira) and can be used with our sushi kit to make sushi at home.

Hotategai Sushi

Hotategai means ‘sail-raising clam’ in Japanese, named for the way that these shellfish move in the water. Our wild sushi grade scallops are caught off the coast of Mexico, and are not farmed in China, like many of our competitors’ scallops.

Scallop aquaculture currently produces 1.2 million tons of hotategai each year. The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance describes scallop farming as “green and sustainable.”  Scallops use carbon dioxide from the ocean to create their shells, and also remove unwanted nutrients in sea water as they filter feed. The resulting clear water promotes growth of fish-sheltering sea grasses.

Sushi Grade Scallops - Nutrition Information

A one-ounce piece of hotategai sushi has minimal fat, 43 calories, and 3 grams of protein. Scallop meat is sweet and delicate. Hotategai are usually parboiled and brushed with a sweet and salty soy sauce before serving as sushi or sashimi. Light seasoning is recommended for this shellfish, to fully appreciate the subtle flavor. Enjoy with ahi tuna, salmon sushi, and yellowtail sushi for a complete sushi meal

SushiNut Hotategai

SushiNut offers jumbo scallops flash frozen at harvest to preserve firmness and flavor of the fresh shellfish. To prepare, seal in a container and thaw overnight, or place under running water for several minutes. Delicious served as scallops sushi, sashimi, or seared in a pan with garlic butter and a splash of sherry. Enjoy a treat from the sea, make your contribution to improving the environment, and serve up some sushi grade scallops for dinner tonight.