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Shrimp - (Ebi)

Shrimp - (Ebi)
Product Code: Shrimp Tails - Ebi
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Ebi, or shrimp tail, is very popular among sushi fans. You will see Ebi steamed and served nigiri style, in sushi rolls, or wrapped around the outside of more complex rolls containing Maguro or Hamachi.  With a light, delicate flavor and low calorie count, you can enjoy this healthy shellfish often. It’s easy and quick to prepare, and eye-catching on a sushi platter.

Shrimp Sushi: Most Popular Seafood in the U.S.

Diverse shrimp species are found in every ocean. Shrimp used for sushi in the U.S. as well as Japan, come mainly from coastal waters where the wild shrimp population is abundant. Farmed shrimp are less likely to appear as sushi.

Steamed shrimp are an original Edomae sushi ingredient, historically popular in Japan. Ebi is one of the tastiest ingredients in sushi when prepared correctly and not overcooked.

Ebi Sushi Preparation and Nutrition

Shrimp served sushi style is lightly steamed or poached and paired with rice in nigiri. To accentuate Ebi’s sweet flavor, try the sushi chef secret of thinly spreading wasabi on the under side of the ebi before placing atop seasoned rice.

Ebi stars frequently as tempura in rolls. SushiNut recommends adding a little lettuce, cucumber, and some spicy mayonnaise to this treat. Experiment with your favorite sushi ingredients and create a unique shrimp roll concoction. Enjoy Ebi in traditional Japanese fashion, and consume the entire shrimp, including the small tail when served in roll or nigiri form.

In a 3 ounce portion of ebi there are 60 calories, 11.5 grams of protein, and less than a gram of fat. This healthy food is a smart addition to your homemade sushi, especially for those uncertain about consuming fish raw.

SushiNut Ebi

SushiNut Ebi is sourced from Indonesia. Our Shrimp tails are cleaned, steamed and butterflied - just thaw and it’s ready to eat! SushiNut recommends using your frozen Ebi within 30 days for best flavor.