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Octopus - (Tako)
Octopus - (Tako)
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Entertain your guests with this exotic sushi mollusk. SushiNut Tako, the tentacle of the octopus, arrives at your door tenderized, pre-cooked, and frozen. Tako nigiri, sashimi or chirashi sushi preparation is simple and quick, yet requires agile skill with a sushi knife. You can expect a high protein, low calorie meat that tastes of the sea when you order Tako from

Octopus Sashimi

Occurring in oceans worldwide, a significant amount of commercial octopus is harvested in North Africa. Living an average of 6 months, octopus don’t accumulate mercury and produce an army of offspring in their short lifespan.   

Tako destined for US markets is processed in Japan, and claims Japanese origin regardless of actual source. A rub mixture of coarse salt and grated daikon radish is typically used to tenderize the meat before parboiling, which also removes any bacteria and slime. Boiling gives the gray flesh a healthy pink tint, and also allows the natural sweet aromas to come through. Beware of lesser quality octopus which has been dyed red to hide imperfections. Sushi chefs test octopus freshness by springing the tentacles. If they bounce like a spring, they are sure to be delicious. Tako is flash frozen directly after cooking to ensure freshness.     

Tako Preparation and Nutrition

It is important to cut Tako finely due to the chewy texture. Thinly slice your octopus legs to prepare as nigiri, securing with a strip of toasted Nori, a technique of many sushi-ya chefs. Japanese chefs cut nigiri Tako using the “doto” method, which gives the meat a wavelike shape, helping it stay in place. When making chirashi sushi, cut the meat in straight, thin slices. It is possible to serve Tako raw, as sashimi, but it must be sliced incredibly thin and should be left to the experts.  Another less common presentation, gunkan maki, or boat roll, comprises suckers removed from the tentacles, and wrapped with rice and seaweed.  One ounce of Tako sashimi has 46 calories, about half a gram of fat, and 8.5 grams of protein.

SushiNut Tako

Allow half an ounce per slice and at least 2 ounces per person when ordering our octopus; so for a group of 5, order at least 10 ounces. Maximize your enjoyment of Tako by using within 30 days of shipment receipt.