How to make temaki sushi

Temaki sushi

Temaki sushi

While not the most common of sushi types, temaki maki (“hand roll” in English) is probably the simplest style of sushi to make, and is very popular with sushi neophytes. It fits easily in the hand, is simple to make, and doesn’t fall apart as some poorly made rolls can. But don’t underestimate the value of temaki sushi, often after experimenting with many different creations, we will finish the evening with a mix of ingredients in our hand roll, it is like the ice creak cone of the sushi world.

To begin, cut a sheet of nori in half. Place a small handful of rice on the dull side of the nori, spreading it out but leaving about an inch of empty nori on one side. place any desired fillings on the top of the roll, and begin rolling the sheet over in an arc-like fashion. It may sound odd, but yo will be rolling in a circular pattern around the ingredients. Once you have your cone shape, the moisture from the rice should seal the package in no time, and you have your temaki sushi. Eat quickly, and they are so simple to make, you will want another right away.

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